Save Steel Earthworks!



Save Steel Earthworks!

The extraordinary Steel complex may soon be added to the list of southern Ohio’s protected ancient earthworks.


Conducting the Magnetometry Survey at Steel.JPG

HEC President Dr. Jarrod Burks conducting the magnetometry survey of Steel Earthworks is dwarfed by the largest circle in the twelve enclosure complex.

In a bold move by our partner The Archaeological Conservancy (TAC), the property is being temporarily held, even though TAC does not have the funds to pay off the whole mortgage. The same coalition that saved the Junction Group now has the opportunity to save this 2,000 year old Native American ceremonial site and add it to Junction Earthworks Park to form one super ancient earthworks park that will be open to the public! Coalition partner the Arc of Appalachia has secured another Clean Ohio grant to pay for 75% percent of the property value. Will you help preserve and protect Steel Earthworks? Find out more:

About the Steel Earthworks Complex

About the Conservation Plan


100% of all donations to this campaign will go directly toward the preservation of Steel Earthworks. The HEC is a nonprofit organization run completely by volunteers. We have no overhead costs to cover. All donated funds go toward protecting and maintaining the Steel Earthworks as a public park.