Dr. N’omi Greber becomes HEC Board of Trustees Advisor

On June 27, 2011, Dr. N’omi Greber accepted the position of HEC board of trustees advisor.

Dr. Greber is the Curator of Archaeology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. She is also Adjunct Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Greber studied mathematics at Smith College, received her masters degree in mathematics at Harvard University, and her Ph.D. in anthropology at Case Western Reserve University.

Her many publications are based on extensive fieldwork and archival research on Early and Middle Woodland, Hopewell or Adena Peoples and their wooden architecture, mounds and earthworks. Dr. Greber’s interests are in Prehistory of Eastern North America with particular emphasis on contacts with Ohio; Shawnee history; use of geophysical remote sensing; site preservation; and museum archaeological collections. Her current research is with field and archival projects to obtain chronological data on major earthworks for better estimates of key factors in the Ohio Hopewell cultural efflorescence.   

Dr. Greber has been a ground-breaking leader in research on the pre-Columbian earthworks of Ohio, as well as a key player in teaching others about the scientific and cultural importance of these architectural wonders. We are delighted to have her as an official Advisor to the HEC Board of Trustees and look forward to her continued guidance in the organization’s endeavors to preserve earthworks.

Robert Genheimer Joins HEC Board of Trustees

On February 9, 2011, Bob Genheimer accepted our invitation to join the Board of Trustees of the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy. Bob is the George Rieveschl Curator of Archaeology at the Cincinnati Museum Center. His scientific expertise lies in lithic technology (stone tools); Prehistoric ceramics; the Hopewell and Late Prehistoric Periods; Historic artifacts; and 19th Century historic ceramics.

Bob has been employed by Cincinnati Museum Center as an archaeologist since 1990.  He served as Archaeological Collections Manager for nearly 11 years, Acting Curator of Archaeology for two years, and was named George Rieveschl Curator of Archaeology in April 2003. In these roles Bob has undertaken processing and cataloging of more than several hundred thousand artifacts in the Museum’s collections; coordinating, installing, and maintaining the former computerized cataloging system; supervising all archaeology and ethnology volunteers; operating the archaeology laboratory; facilitating research on the collections; conducting archaeological field research; and publishing the results in both professional and public venues.  His research interests are in both prehistoric and historical archaeology.  His foci in prehistoric archaeology include Hopewell-age studies.

We are very pleased to have Bob on board and look forward to his contributions to the earthwork conservation effort.

Heartland Earthworks Conservancy is Founded

In September of 2010, the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy was incorporated in the State of Ohio.

A group of concerned archaeologists and conservationists has come together to form a board of trustees to oversee and promote the mission of HEC:

Board of Trustees Members:

Dr. Jarrod Burks                Director of Archaeological Geophysics
                                              Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc.
Dr. William S. Dancey        Emeritus Associate Professor of Anthropology 
                                              Ohio State University
Prof. John E. Hancock       Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati          
                                              Project Co-Director, The Ancient Ohio Trail
Bruce J. Lombardo            Founder, Heartland Earthworks Conservation
                                              Former Site Manager, Serpent Mound State Memorial

Board of Trustees Advisors:

Dean K. Alexander            Former Superintendent
                                             Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
Dr. Bradley T. Lepper       Curator of Archaeology
                                             Ohio Historical Society
Dr. William F. Romain       Research Associate, Newark Earthworks Center
                                             Ohio State University