Online Articles about the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy

Listen to this WBEX radio interview with HEC Director Bruce Lombardo about why Ohio’s ancient Native American earthwork sites are important.

See this article about HEC in the Ohio Archaeology Blog.

A second article by the Ohio Archeological Council.

An article about HEC’s role in saving Junction Earthworks on the Appalachian History website.


Other Earthwork Preservation Groups

Many organizations and agencies are involved in protecting ancient earthworks and spreading the word about their plight and significance. We encourage you to visit the websites of these other organizations by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

The Ancient Ohio Trail
Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
The Ohio Historical Society
The Arc of Appalachia Preserve System
The Archaeological Conservancy
The Ohio Archaeological Council
The Archaeological Society of Ohio
The Friends of Serpent Mound
The Newark Earthworks Center