Earthworks Speakers Bureau

Earthworks Speakers Bureau

Heartland Earthworks Conservancy offers speakers to organizations and groups who would like to learn more about these fascinating earthworks built by ancient Native Americans. HEC also provides these presentations as a means of raising funds for earthwork preservation. To arrange a presentation for your group, please contact the HEC by email at



Bruce Lombardo on “Earthwork Complexes of the Hopewell Culture”

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What is so special and unique about ancient earthworks? Bruce Lombardo is a professional interpretive designer and a former ranger at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, where he designed displays for the interpretive center and co-wrote the script for “Mysteries of the Ancient Architects”, the orientation film shown to park visitors. He also wrote and designed the HEC website. Bruce created many of the website’s images in order to help people understand the importance of these earthworks and to help put them in perspective in the story of our American heritage. This 45 minute PowerPoint presentation is full of graphics that help viewers grasp the extraordinary significance of these mysterious monuments of the ancient world.


Jarrod Burks on “Imaging Technology in Earthwork Exploration”Snake Den Magnetic Data-Burks 2007

Jarrod with Mag1Modern archaeologists have tools that allow them to research historical sites without excavation. Archaeologist Dr. Jarrod Burks is a leading surveyor of ancient earthworks sites in the Midwest. He uses an array of modern, noninvasive technology to produce images that allow him and others to “see” underground, sometimes finding earthworks or features previously unknown to science. These  images are important for earthwork conservation, scientific research, and educating the public about these precious ancient monuments. This 45 minute PowerPoint presentation contains many fascinating images showing the results of his research on earthworks. Dr. Burks also presents how these images are created, and how they can be used to learn more about the construction of these mysterious earthwork sites, as well as give insights into the extraordinary Native American culture that built them.