Heartland Earthworks Conservancy is Founded

In September of 2010, the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy was incorporated in the State of Ohio.

A group of concerned archaeologists and conservationists has come together to form a board of trustees to oversee and promote the mission of HEC:

Board of Trustees Members:

Dr. Jarrod Burks                Director of Archaeological Geophysics
                                              Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc.
Dr. William S. Dancey        Emeritus Associate Professor of Anthropology 
                                              Ohio State University
Prof. John E. Hancock       Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati          
                                              Project Co-Director, The Ancient Ohio Trail
Bruce J. Lombardo            Founder, Heartland Earthworks Conservation
                                              Former Site Manager, Serpent Mound State Memorial

Board of Trustees Advisors:

Dean K. Alexander            Former Superintendent
                                             Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
Dr. Bradley T. Lepper       Curator of Archaeology
                                             Ohio Historical Society
Dr. William F. Romain       Research Associate, Newark Earthworks Center
                                             Ohio State University

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